Beauty trends from 2015 that will continue in 2016

Ever notice beauty trends that develop within the years tend to move forward? I have compiled a list of my own fashion and beauty trends that I believe are going to move forward to 2016!

  1. Floppy Hats


Floppy hats,  a trend that we will not lose and I am a prime example. Notice a floppy hat really completes an outfit? It’s a classic trend I have been seeing a lot lately on girls tie in the outfit. An outfit can be plain jane, but when you add on a floppy hat all of a sudden it says you’re classy, take fancy photos on Instagram, and travel the world. Highly suggest having one of these as a staple in your closet doesn’t have to be expensive either, the one i’m wearing is from Ebay get it here.

2. Contouring


I’ve noticed a huge trend on Contouring this past year, sure we all want to look like Kim K, but this requires us to look like monsters at first before we can make our noses look smaller and our cheekbones look sharper. This trend will most definitely continue past 2016 especially with the way it makes us girls look! Now a days there a new trend called strobing that has yet to be exposed more, which is basically the opposite of contouring and just highlighting the high points of your fact accentuating them more.

I’m more of someone who likes to get the most of my money, and considering this Smashbox Step by Step Contour Stick Trio comes with three and is only 52 dollars, it was a steal for me. I enjoy contouring with both cream and powder, but if i were to choose the creams is the way to go to be more precise and get a sharper look on your face. the2bmakeup2bshow2bla2bmarch2b20152bpreview2b3

3. Blanket Scarves


Who would of guessed? a picture of a floppy hat and blanket scarf together. Most definitely a trend now a days not only to ” keep warm” but to look fashionably cool while doing it. These blanket scarves have dominated the basic girl fashion trend, these scarves are seen as an accessory that also ties in the outfit together and if you have a floppy hat with it, that’s even better. Blank scarves are a must for me, especially when my outfit consists of just a plain pair of light denim wash jeans and a plain white t shirt, but when I want to look fashionably plain, I throw on my blanket scarf.

Nothing says a basic girls winter in Canada without an Aritzia scarves, I myself is guilty of having one and till this day it is a staple in my closet that I cannot live without. These scarves are made with 100% wool and are built to last! Most importantly the cut of the scarf is what makes it comfortable, as long as it’s build able and easy to layer without being too thick, that’s a perfect scarf for me.

4. Lace up tops


I’ve seen these way too often this year and I myself have followed the trend. Nothing beats a shirt that says ” Hey i’m fashionably showing my cleavage”. These types of shirts really bring a new side to fashion by keeping it clean and classy, when not too much of the chest is shown but the caged lace front really brings out a more open look to a shirt. Here’s a tip: if the cut of shirt is too low for your liking, most shirts now a days have the back caged too,  by reversing those back caged shirts to the front it will still give you that front caged look but with a higher cut to avoid the cleavage because usually they are made to a higher cut rather than lower! A trick my cousin taught me and I bought a shirt just to follow that tip, works like a charm. Get one here at Urban Outfitters for only 39 dollars.

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